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Chiropractic Care For Children

Dr. Amber Galipp and her young patients enjoy their visits.
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Why are parents bringing their children to see the chiropractor?
  • Maximized brain and nervous system development
  • Decreased pain and discomfort from falls and accidents
  • Improved immune system function for things like colds, flu, and ear infections
  • Improved sleeping - going to sleep and staying asleep
  • Improved concentration at home and school
  • Improved eating and appetite
  • Improved breathing during allergy season and helps decrease asthma flare ups
  • Improved digestion – constipation, irritable bowels, and diarrhea
  • Help with colic and reflux in infants
  • Improved nerve function in children with behavioral/emotional delays
  • Improved posture
  • Improved overall health and wellness
When a woman finds out she is pregnant she begins to do everything in her power to assure the little miracle has everything it needs to be healthy and happy. This doesn’t stop after she delivers her little one. Did you know that often the very first spinal misalignment (vertebral subluxation) in a person’s life occurs during the birthing process? Do you realize that almost half of all births in the country are now planned--often done out of convenience? Whether that is through induction or planned cesarean section. When interventions begin often the baby has to be pulled/forced out of the birth canal or a small incision. This force that is applied to a baby’s neck and shoulders can be up to 60 pounds of force. This force can put stress on the first vertebra in the neck (Atlas/C1). This vertebra sits right below the skull and controls the input and output of information on the brain stem. This area controls so many functions and is vital to health. Often the baby seems perfectly healthy, and it isn’t until later in life the side effects become more evident. This is why Dr. Galipp checks newborns as soon as possible after birth for vertebral subluxation. These adjustments can help both mom and baby with things like proper latching for successful breast feeding and better sleep patterns.

Dr. Galipp can assist mom during labor and also loves when the proud new parents stop by on their way home from the hospital for their “welcome to the world” first adjustment. We are so honored when our patients entrust us with their precious little ones and also allow us to care for the entire family.

As your little ones grow they go through many spinal stressors such as:
  • Birth trauma
  • Growth spurts
  • Falls learning to walk
  • Sports and contact related injuries
  • Poor posture from repetitive reading, video games, computer usage
  • Heavy backpacks
  • Poor diet
  • Chemical stressors: medications, cleaners, chemicals, food additives, etc.
  • Emotional stresses at home and school

Proper spinal alignment is vital as a child grows and even into adulthood. When the brain can effectively communicate with the rest of the body without nervous system interference your kids can grow, learn, and function better. If these vertebral subluxations are left untreated they often result in pain and degeneration later in life. Doesn’t it make sense to keep you and your little one aligned to avoid these issues later in life?