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Dr. Amber Galipp, DC

Dr. Amber Galipp with one of her young patients.
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Dr. Amber Galipp is a native Texan. She was born and raised in the Dallas area. She attended the University of Memphis where she received her Bachelor’s of science degree in Biology. She had planned to attend medical school until her senior year in college. Her mentor mentioned a career in chiropractic and it all of a sudden made sense. Dr. Galipp has always looked to the more natural ways to treat things and was treated by a chiropractor at a young age. She suffered migraine headaches in elementary school that would cause her to have to go home. It wasn’t until she began seeing a chiropractor for sports injuries she sustained that she began getting relief from her headaches. She just thought they were a part of life and was so glad to finally get relief. Like many of her patients she had no idea that these things were all connected.

Shortly after graduation from the University of Memphis she started chiropractic school here in Dallas, Texas at Parker University/College of Chiropractic. When Dr. Galipp began school she thought she wanted to be a sports specialist. It wasn’t until she had the unbelievable opportunity to serve on a mission trip to Haiti and Dominican Republic that her passion for pediatrics was revealed to her. While on this trip she was blessed to treat entire villages shortly after the 2011 earthquake in Haiti. It was on this trip that she realized the power of one single adjustment. There was an infant with a severe spinal curvature that would be detrimental to his development later in life. With one atlas (C1 vertebra) adjustment his issue completely resolved within 30 minutes. This impacted this child’s life forever, as it did Dr.Galipp. This trip was when she felt the calling placed in her heart to help spread the word about the powerful impact of chiropractic care for kids! Her heart has never been the same. One of her first patients in the Parker clinic was a little one with severe reflux issues. She was able to help this little one get better and now this sweet girl runs in the office and jumps straight on the table to get adjusted.

While in chiropractic school she was very involved with student leadership positions and was chosen to do part of her internship in a fellow colleague’s office. This showed Dr. Galipp that she should open her own clinic after graduation. It has taken a couple years to make her dream come true. Now she enjoys every day in her office serving her patients and having fun. She is continually taking classes and seminars to provide the very best care to her patients.

Dr. Galipp sees patients of all kinds, newborn to elderly, moms and dads, athletes and weekend warriors.  She has completed specialty training and certification through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA-
http://icpa4kids.org/ ).  She is Webster Technique Certified through the ICPA.